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/ Knowledgebase / Valheim / How to import a world on a Valheim server
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How to import a world on a Valheim server

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To import your own world to your Valheim server, follow these instructions :

Get your local world save

  1. Navigate through your PC folders : C:\UserName\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds.
    You can also use the Windows Key + R and type %appdata% and navigate one folder back to get to the AppData folder.
  2. Find the latest world save. It must be the most recent date in the files list. You will now upload it to your AxentHost server.

Upload to AxentHost

  1. If your server is running, stop it.
  2. Navigate to the server "Files" page.
  3. Follow those folders : ".config" => "unity3d" => "IronGate" => "Valheim" => "worlds_local"
  4. Drag and drop your latest save in this folder.

Important ! Make sure the uploaded backup is called the same as the "World name" in the "Settings" page to make the server start on this world. By default, the world name is "Dedicated" on AxentHost, rename it to the uploaded file name.