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How to use Workshop Maps on a TF2 server

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The default maps of TF2 are good but you may want to play on custom maps made by the community.
Finding and adding a Workshop Map is pretty straightforward and will add some diversity and something new to your experience.

Find a workshop map

  1. Go to the tf2 workshop and choose your map.
  2. Find the map workshop ID in the map page URL, for example, the ID of the snowbank map is 3068764773.

Install the TF2 Workshop map on your server

Prepare a "mapcycle.txt" file on your computer.
In this file, write a new line with "workshop/123456789".
Then replace "123456789" by the workshop ID of the wanted map.
Then you need to :

  1. Stop the server
  2. Navigate to the server "files" page
  3. Go to the "tf" folder
  4. Go to the "cfg" folder
  5. Upload your "mapcycle.txt" file
  6. Start the server

Your server will still start on the "Default Map" setting of your server.
You can change it to any of your mapcycle maps, even on workshop maps with the same format explained earlier (ex: workshop/3068764773).