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How to install mods on a Minecraft server

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It is possible to install mods on a minecraft server. In order to do so, you will need to setup your server with the right variant and to upload the mods to the right place.

Use the right Minecraft Server variant

To install mods, you will need to use the right minecraft server variant depending on the mods you want to install. You can either use Forge, Fabric or Arclight.
To change the variant, follow these steps :

  • Stop the server
  • Delete the server files (except eula.txt)
  • Change the variant to "Forge" or the one you selected
  • Wait for the server reinstall process to end

Install your mods

You are now able to upload your mods !
To do that, just upload your mods ".jar" files in the "mods" folder.
If you are using the forge variant, we recommend to download mods using the CurseForge site.

AxentHost mods downloader

AxentHost introduced its own mods downloader. All you need is to use a variant which is compatible with mods, and navigate to its "Addons" tab. You will be able to search for the wanted mods and directly install them onto your server.