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How to upgrade your AxentHost server

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You might be limited by your server specifications.
If your server crash because of a lack of ram, you might need to upgrade it.
To upgrade your server, you will need to follow these steps :

If your server is hibernated, you can upgrade your server directly from the server list before activating it.
Otherwise, if your server is running, you can use your server "Upgrade" page.
Once on the upgrade page, you will need to :

  • Choose your wanted server memory (RAM)
  • Choose your wanted server disk
  • Click "upgrade"

Upgrading a running server will create a hibernation request in order to apply your new server sercifications.
If you want your new specifications to be applied right away, just click "hibernate now" in your server "manage" page. Learn more about the AxentHost server upgrade system with the help of an imaged article.