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Tutorial - How to install a minecraft plugin ?

In this article, we will see how to install a plugin on your free minecraft server.

Create your server

For this tutorial, we will use a Minecraft server with the paper version.
To create your free minecraft server, follow the tutorial explaining all the different steps.

Choose a minecraft variant

After creating your server, you need to choose a minecraft variant. As said before, we will be using the "Paper" variant.
For more informations on how to change your server variant, read the change server variant tutorial.

Choose a minecraft plugin

Once done, you need to choose a plugin.
This plugin choice relies on you. You can find many plugins on different websites like 9Minecraft.
Be careful to choose a plugin corresponding to your minecraft variant. This link refers to a list of plugins made for paper minecraft.

Upload your plugin

After choosing your minecraft plugin, you need to upload it to your server.
To do this, go to the "Files" page available on the side menu after selecting your minecraft server.
This page will show a list of files and folders. Click on the "Plugins" folder to be able to upload your plugin :

plugin folder
Plugins folder

Once you clicked on the plugins folder, you should see what files it is containing. Don't care about them and use the "Upload" button on the top-right of the page :

upload button
Upload button

All you have to do now is to select your plugin archive. Wait for it to appear on the files list before continuing.

Restart your server

Once your plugin has been uploaded, you need to restart your server.
To do that, just go to the "Manage" page of your minecraft server, and click on the "Restart" button :

restart button
Restart button

Restarting will apply the plugin to your server. You can watch the server restarting and applying your new plugin in the "Console" page. This page contains a console and all the realtime informations you need to know to monitor your server.
Once restarted, you're done ! Have a great time playing for free using AxentHost.

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