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Tutorial - How to create a free minecraft server ?

In this article, we will see step by step how to create a free minecraft server using AxentHost.

Choose the minecraft offer

The first step is to select the corresponding offer.
So once your you are logged in, use this button to get to the offers list.
This page will show you all the games available on AxentHost.

offer button
Offer button

Then, you need to choose the Minecraft offer by clicking on the "Choose" button of the minecraft offer.

minecraft offer card
Minecraft offer card

Activate the server

Once you have choose the Minecraft offer, you need to activate the server. To make it, you only need to click on the "Activate" button.
You will be asked to accept the EULA license (which is specific to Minecraft) you will be redirected to a waiting page during the server installation.

minecraft server card
Minecraft server card

Once redirected after your server installation, you have access to a "Manage" page containing all the informations about your server, the actions you can do, and more links in the left menu.
At this stage, your server will already be started.
You just have to copy your server address by clicking on it, and join the server in your Minecraft game !

minecraft address
Minecraft address

Change minecraft variant

Want to play another minecraft variant ? Just use the "Variant" page after selecting your Minecraft server.
Once you get on the page, choose a variant and save your changes. Applying them will restart your server.
Once restarted, you can join back your server and play with your friends on the new selected variant !

credits page
AxentHost minecraft variants

As shown on the last image, there are currently 4 minecraft variants available :

Vanilla minecraft : The basic game version. There are additional features to the game.

Sponge (SpongeVanilla) : SpongeVanilla is a SpongeAPI implementation that was created by patching the basic vanilla Minecraft server and allow to install mods in another way.

Paper : Created by the PaperMC team, paper is a spygit fork aiming on fixing the base gameplay. It contains features, bug fixes, prevents exploits and major improves performances in a way not found in Spigot.

Forge: A mineraft server allowing players to install and play with mods.

Change server files

You have access to all the server files, you can use the "Files" page to write in your game files, delete them or even upload new ones. Don't worry if your changes are breaking your server, you still can use an old backup of your server or reinstall it completely.

Enjoy playing on your free Minecraft server with AxentHost !

Upgrading minecraft server

You might want to add RAM or Disk space on your minecraft server. You can actually do that using the "Upgrade" page.
Follow the server upgrade article for more informations on about to upgrade a server.

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