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Minecraft Cherry Blossom : The Ultimate Guide

The minecraft cherry blossom biome is a recent addition to the game. In this article, we will cover everthing you need to know about this new biome, already called one of the most beautiful in the game. This guide includes its additions to the game, specific world seeds and build ideas for your survival world.

What is the cherry blossom biome ?

This is a pretty rare biome in Minecraft. Added in the 1.20 version with the Trails and Tales update, this biome, called cherry grove, adds a new tree : Cherry. This new cherry wood adds a new color to the palette that builders really appreciate for its pinkish tint.

Cherry grove is a montain biome, like the meadows. The trees and vegetation are the main difference, but you will also be able to find emeralds in high altitudes. It is also pretty common to find bee nests next to the trees, making this place a peaceful area.

This tree is particularly memorable due to its pink leaves and the particules falling trom them. There are also pink petals lying on the ground, making the entire atmosphere of this biome relaxing.

Minecraft Cherry Grove Biome
Minecraft Biome

How to find a cherry grove biome

Natural way

This pretty biome is fairly rare. Most of the players want to find this biome in order to establish their house in a pink and peaceful place. When it comes to finding this biome, you'll need a lot of luck. You need to be looking for the nearest mountains since Cherry Groves spawn at the bottom of a mountainous area.

While exploring, keep your eyes peeled for pink color. Once you see huge trees with pink leaves, you can be sure you've finally found a cherry grove biome. In particular because it is the only biome hosting this type of trees.

Using a simple command

You don't want to explore and try your luck to find the biome ? You can use a simple command line to get the nearest biome. All you need to do is to open the chat and write the next command :

/locate biome minecraft:cherry_grove

This command will give you the coordinates of the nearest corresponding biome. You can either walk to your destination, or use the teleport command to directly appear at the wanted area.

If you can't use this command, you will need to check if you have enabled cheats. Otherwise, commands to locate the biome or teleport will not be available.

Using world seeds

The easiest way to find a blossom biome is to use a world seed. Unfortunately, this won't help to find this biome in your actual world. But if you want to start a new adventure, using a world seed is the easiest way to ensure to find one !

Best minecraft cherry blossom seeds

Here is our top 5 cherry blossom seeds. With these, you are sure to find the world you are looking for.
Java seeds :

  1. 6803527224970488847 : This seed gives access to an insane world, with a large and high biome, surrounded by 4 villages ! (coordinates : 1000 , 500)
  2. -3248040441770110058 : This is definitely the biggest biome you will be able to find. You will spawn directly into it, next to multiple pillager outposts.
  3. -6384763642895912697 : One of a kind. Half of the place is frozen peaks biome, and the other half a cherry grove.
Bedrock seeds :
  1. 852 : You will spawn next to 2 villages, near a beautiful sea. Multiple cherry grove biomes will be really near, with pink trees topping a mountain. (coordinates : 350, 0)
  2. 274311251538401 : One of our favourite seeds. This one gives direct access to villages next to a see, and a cherry grove biome surrounding a snowy mountain. (coordinates : 450, 800)

Those seeds are our favourites, but you can find more cherry grove seeds online.

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How to make a Minecraft cherry blossom house

This one is by far one of the best and most beautiful thing to build in minecraft. Most of the players looking for this particular biome want to make their house the most peaceful place of their minecraft world.

A Minecraft house in a cherry grove
Minecraft House

This minecraft pink biome gives so much opportunities when it comes to building a house. Adding shaders and texture packs will help making this place even more peaceful with bees flying around. In particular with the particules falling from the leaves, creating an ambient peacefulness.

We recommend to use light wood for the house walls, but a darker one for the roof planks. Feel free to establish your house next to some water. This way, you will be able to add a cherry blossom bridge and wooden fences for more details.

You should be able to create a cute animal enclosure, with a wheet farm nearby. Being able to breed bees will also be easy thanks to the flowers you will be able to find.

How to grow cherry trees

Cherry trees grow the same way as the majority of trees in Minecraft. You first need to find a tree, and then break its leaves in order to drop a sapling. You can also break the whole trunk in order to let the leaves break by themselves and automatically drop saplings.

When you finally drop a sapling, plant it on some dirt anywhere you want. You can either let it grow by itself, or use bone meal in order to accelerate the process. You can easily craft bone meal by placing a bone in one of your inventory crafting slots.

Make a bridge design in Minecraft

This must be the ideal biome to build a bridge in. Here is our minecraft bridge idea :

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Bridge
Minecraft Bridge

First of all, you need to find a river in your minecraft cherry blossom biome. Once done, you will need different types of wood, like spruce wood or dark oak wood. Use spruce planks for the bridge floor, and darker planks or fences for the upper structure. Those colors will make the best contrast with the cherry trees.

Adding details such as lanterns or carpets will help making a cute minecraft bridge. In particular when cherry trees surround the bridge and makes the new path a great experience to go through.

Building this bridge next to your house will be your best option. This will be the start of your peaceful world in a beautiful forest, that can grow in a wonderful hidden village.

Biome specificities

This biome adds new possibilities into the game. Pink petals are spawning in this new biome, giving a new way to get pink dye in minecraft. You can use this pink dye for many different crafts, like pink stained glass and glass pane, or even pink beds.

Pillager outposts are also quite common in cherry groves. Make sure to be prepare yourself ans your stuff before attacking them. Pillagers are hostile mobs and are pretty dangerous with their crossbows, it is highly recommended to bring a shield with you.


This is by far one of the most unique biomes of Minecraft. Its pinkish tint makes it impossible to miss when you walk around and explore your world. Due to its mountainous type, this biome will give direct access to emeralds, coal and different ores in cave openings.

Making your house with your friends must be a goal of your survival world. To play with your friends, start by making a free Minecraft server, and invite your friends to your new adventure !

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