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Is Terraria cross platform ? How to crossplay between PC, PS4, Xbox and mobile

Terraria is a 2D sandbox game where your goal is to explore, craft, build and fight mobs of in a world full of surprises. Released on PC in 2011, Terraria progressively came out on multiple platforms such as Mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch...

So, is terraria cross platform ? Yes, Terraria is cross platform. But not between every platform. Crossplay is only available for some major platforms such as Mobile and PC, or between same brand Consoles.

In this article, we will explain what platforms are able to play together, and what you can do to easily play with your friends.

Console Terraria crossplay (PS4, PS5, Xbox...)

This adventure game on console allows multiplayer between the same brand consoles. This means crossplay is available between Xbox Series X and Xbox One. This is also the case between PS4 and PS5. However, Terraria players on any Xbox can't join players on any PlayStation.

Unfortunately, you can't join a server using an IP on console, meaning you still can't join PC or Mobile players.

Terraria crossplay tutorial banner
Terraria crossplay tutorial

PC and Mobile crossplay (Android/IOS)

Mobile Terraria players, either on IOS and Android devices, can use the cross platform feature to play with PC players. The best way to crossplay between mobile and PC is to create a server.
Using AxentHost, you can create a free terraria server. You will be able to create a server and join it, no matter your platform as long as you don't play on console.

Start your free server

How to Enable Cross Platform

Console or mobile crossplay

To enable crossplay between Android and IOS devices, you just need to use the "Multiplayer" option. This works the same between PS4 and PS5.

PC and Mobile multiplayer

To play together between a mobile device (Android/IOS) and a PC, it is highly recommended to use Tshock. Tshock is a software featuring several tools, and is pretty good at handling cross platform between PC and Mobile.

We highly recommend to create a free Tshock server using AxentHost. This way, you will be able to play with your friends in no time.

  1. Register on AxentHost.
  2. Click on "Create a new server".
  3. Make a free Terraria server.
  4. Activate your server and stop it once installed.
  5. Navigate to the files tab and delete all the server files.
  6. Navigate to the variants tab and choose the "Tshock" server variant and validate.

You are now ready to play with your friends on a Tshock server. Share your address to your friends and start playing together !

Same device multiplayer

Playing on the same type of device, either PC, console or mobiles, directly allows multiplayer. The fact is that you will need to host a game or use a hosting platform. The biggest of a hosting platform is the fact you can let your world open even without letting your device on. This allows your friends to join the world and continue gathering resources for building your base, or even prepare for the next boss fight.
To join your multiplayer world, just use the "multiplayer" button in the main menu, and either join our friend or paste the IP provided by the hosting platform.


So in conclusion, is Terraria cross platform ? There is definitely a form of crossplay in this game. The fact is the system isn't working the same on every platform, making it impossible to work between some of them. PC and Mobile users can play together thanks to TShock. Console players can play with other players using the same brand of console, but not with any other platform.

In the future, Terraria developers could release a real cross platform feature enabling the possibility to all play together. We will need to rely on the current state of crossplay to play with our friends on the best terraria seeds together.

Start your free server

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