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Why the players prefer the hourly consumption ?

In this article, we will see why the players could prefer using an hourly consuming server rather than a classic hosting subscription.

Consume only while you play

All classic hosting platforms ask for subscriptions often based on monthly plans. The fact you need to rent a server for 30 days can fit your needs, but wouldn't you rather only pay for your actual usage ?
Explanation :

  • Renting a server for 24h/day during an entire month (30 days) means you rent it for 720h.
  • A casual player plays arount 8.6h a week in average (according to GamingSmart )
  • Playing 8.6h a week means playing less than 35h per month ! This means a loss of 685h (720-35) of rent time.

With AxentHost, you will never ever lose your time anymore.
First of all, you can play for free. But if you buy credits packs, you can still consume them while playing and not wasting the hours you deserve !

Credits packs rentability

credits packs
AxentHost credits packs

According to the base amount of credits you get buying the starter credit pack (240), you can create an Unturned server which costs 5 credits per hour and play on it for 48h without using free credits.
If you play an average of 8.6h a week as the average seen before, you can play more than 5 weeks and a half with it ! All this because you only consume while using it.
Don't forget, you can still claim free credits every hour and play for free forever !

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