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Game hosting as a service

In this article, we will explain our vision and why AxentHost implements game hosting as a service.

The service

Axenthost gives an opportunity to all players around the world :
Getting their game server for free and in only one click.
As players and developers, our main goal is to provide the best free service possible in a way anyone could create a game server, play with friends, backup saves & data, all this on our user-friendly dream platform.
You have access to all this service without installing anything on your computer. This way, no resources are taken from it and you can play and use our service without worrying of hardware limitation and/or big technologies knowledge.


To keep being sustainable, we made the choice to finance AxentHost through advertising.
This way, every user can get a good amount of credits every hour to keep running their server for free.
Every user is still able to buy credits packs in order to play without worrying about credits and automatic server shutdown.

credits packs
AxentHost credits packs

Even if AxentHost is free to use, you can check the comparison page to be ensured about all the features provided.

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