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The AxentHost credit system

In this article, we will explain why the credits system has been made and how it works.

Credits usage

The credits have been made in order to quantify the usage of a server.
The server real cost is directly relied to the hourly server credits consumption. The more a server cost, the more hourly credits are needed to run it.
In fact, the servers cost real money and need to be funded. That's why you need credits to run a server.

How to get credits

There are currently two ways to get credits, you can either get them for free or buy them.
You can get every informations about your credits on the "Credits" page :

  • Actual hourly consumption
  • Link to the free credits page
  • Credits packs
credits page
AxentHost credits page

The free way to get credits is to use the "Claim" page. You just need to validate the captcha and click on "Claim". Once done, you get a free amount of credits which is 5 at the moment writing this article. You can claim up to 5 times an hour. This countdown starts once you claimed once and reset after an hour, giving you back the ability to claim.

The paid way to get credits is to use the "Credits page" ad buy one of the credits packs. This is a good way to get a lot of credits in no time without having to claim every hour to keep your server running. You can also access the "Credits" page by clicking on your credits next to your username :

credits page
User credits

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