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The AxentHost credit system

In this article, we will explain why the credits system has been made and how it works.

Credits usage

The credits have been made in order to quantify the usage of a server.
The server real cost is directly relied to the hourly server credits consumption. The more a server cost, the more hourly credits are needed to run it.
In fact, the servers cost real money and need to be funded. That's why you need credits to run a server.

How to get credits

Free credits

There are currently three ways to get free credits. Different ways are available either on the website and on the mobile applications.


To get access to free credits on the AxentHost website, navigate to the Credits page.
You will have access to two ways to get free credits : Claim & Offerwalls

free credits
AxentHost website free credits

The first "Claim" option will redirect you to a specific page, giving access to 15 free credits per hour.

The second "Offerwalls" option will redirect you to a list of offerwalls, giving access to nearly unlimited free credits. To get those free credits, you will need to make specific actions. Each offer is different and will ask you to play games, answer surveys, register on websites... And will give you credits on each completion.

Mobile applications

The AxentHost mobile applications are providing a new way to get free credits : rewarded ads.
You might have already encountered rewarded ads on mobile games to get access to in game bonuses. Every ad will give you 3 credits.
While it is not currently available for IOS users, Android users will still get access to the same offerwalls as on the website.

free credits on mobile
AxentHost mobile free credits

Paid credits

You might want to get access to more credits and buy some. To get more credits, navigate to the "Credits page" and choose any of the credits packs. This is a good way to get a lot of credits in no time without having to claim every hour to keep your server running.

credits packs
AxentHost credits packs

If you want to learn why hourly consumption is fair, read the why players prefer the hourly consumption article.

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