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Tutorial - How to change a server subdomain ?

In this article, we will see how to update a server subdomain, and what happens in real life doing this action.

What is a subdomain entry ?

First of all, a subdomain is an additional hostname of a domain.
For example, the user dashboard is using a the "app" subdomain : app.axenthost.com.

Cloudflare is a company providing multiple services for the web. AxentHost use ont of them to handle its DNS (Domain Name System) entries.
There are many DNS entry types availables, but AxentHost uses only two of them :

A (Address) : This record type allows to associate an IP address to a domain/subdomain.
SRV (Service Resource Records) : Used for minecraft servers. This record is useful to show no port to the user and get a better URL.

What is a DNS propagation ?

Changing a subdomain is great, but it does not apply instantly all around the world. A DNS entry such as a subdomain needs to be update all accross the Internet. Using AxentHost, a server subdomain takes arount 2 minutes to be effective.
Once those minutes gone, you can start playing back on your server sharing the new URL to your friends.

How to change a server subomain ?

For this tutorial, we will use a Minecraft server.
To create your free minecraft server, follow the tutorial explaining all the different steps.
Once your server has been created, you can change its name using the "Settings" page.
User the input containing your actual server name and change it for whatever you want.

Edit your server name
Edit your server name

Once changed, your server name and subdomain will change for this new value.
After around 60s, you will have access back to your server and will be able to play with your friends on your free minecraft server.
Don't forget to tell your new server URL to your friends !

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