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Minecraft articles


Minecraft Cherry Blossom : The Ultimate Guide

The cherry blossom biome a pretty rare biome in Minecraft, added in the 1.20 version with the Trails and Tales update. This biome, called cherry grove, adds…

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How to find the seed of a minecraft server ?

In this article, we’ll cover the way to find the seed of a minecraft server. This is not as obvious as it could be, so…

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How to create free Minecraft survival servers ?

There are multiple ways to create minecraft survival servers, we will detail…

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Tutorial - How to install a minecraft plugin

For this tutorial, we will use a Minecraft server with the paper version. To create your free minecraft server, follow the…

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Tutorial - How to create a free minecraft server

The first step is to select the corresponding offer. So once your you are logged in, use this button to get…

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