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About us - AxentHost

What is AxentHost ?

AxentHost is a hosting platform providing a new way to get servers : "Game hosting as a service".
The team made of the Axentix Framework creators is 100% made of players with development & infrastructure expertises wanting to create their dream game hosting platform.

Why AxentHost ?

Almost every other hosting providers are the same as each other. The only differences being their prices & interfaces, they have nothing to do with AxentHost.
The team expertise has made possible to create an entire handmade platform, ensuring the best user experience and maintainability possible.

AxentHost has been thought to make every player able to play on free game servers with their friends.
Our players team has always feel a lack of free services when it comes to game server hosting. Everything has been made in order to find a sustainable way to provide free servers, and here it is !